19 Mar 2013

Digital Gyro Repeater LR40 by Scandinivan Micro Systems Norway

Product offered here is 

Scandinavian MicroSystem Norway manufactured 

Digital Gyro Repeater LR-40 in excellent working condition. 

Ships from India in 24 Hours. 
Ships through India Post or DHL as per your requirements. 
Paypal Accepted. PayPal certified Seller. 

LR40 - Heading Repeater with Analog Turning Indicator™
LR40 connects to virtually all types of step-by-step signals and 360X Synchro signals. In addition it can both send and receive NMEA and various other Serial Data Protocols.

LR40 has a large super-bright Heading Display and an Analog Turning Indicator, giving the user instant information about the ship’s heading and the ship’s rate of turn.

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